Board and System Products

Board and System Products

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  • Advanced Thermal Management Systems, Subsystems and Components
  • Single Phase, Two Phase and Solid Conduction Technologies
  • Custom Thermal Management Solution Design, Analysis, Prototyping and Testing
  • Manufacturing for Small Quantity to Volume Production requirements
  • Specialty Metals & Alloys smelting & joinery, including Vacuum Brazing

              gmsGeneral Micro Systems

  • Computing Engines - Intel and PowerPC, Small Form Factor
  • Computing Engines - VME, CompactPCI
  • Custom Product Development
  • Military Defense/Homeland Security, Automation and Medical
  • S702 “GoldenEye” Rugged, Ultra small, Lightweight, Core 2 Duo System.
  • Miniature PC70x “Nucleus” High Performance Core 2 Duo SBC

TEWS Technologies

  • *NEW* TAMC863 4 channel High speed Synch/Asynch Capable PCI interface
  • TAMC260 : PMC Carrier for AMC.
  • TAMC900: AMC with 8 high-speed ADCs 105 MSps, 14 Bit
  • Industry Pack and PMC Based I/O Solutions
  • Digital I/O, Optical Isolation, D/A, A/D, Motion, CAN Bus, InterBus, Sercos Field Bus Controllers


  • Rugged and Industrial Single Board Computers for IoT, Embedded Wireless and Wired Network Applications
  • 300MHz Single Core to 1GHZ Quad Core; iMX6 ARM
  • Mini-PCI, Mini-PCIe Expansion I/O for GbE, Serial, RS2332/RS485, CAN BUS, GPIO, 12C, SAA, USB, GPS
  • Integrated Display Solutions
  • High Precision Non-Contact Position Sensors with Ranges from .002 to 2.5 inches
  • Differential Systems, Extreme Environment and Thread Checker Applications
  • Signal Conditioning Electronics for Linear Displacement Measurement with Resolution of 0.01% FS
  • New digiVIT Micro-Processer based, Ethernet Enabled, Self-tuning Digital Sensor System for Position, Vibration and Proximity Measurement


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