Test and Measurement Products

Test and Measurement


  • AC and DC Programmable Electronic Loads from 600W to 60kW and 60V to 1000V
  • DC Power Supplies up to 1200VDC and power levels from 1.2kW to 15kW
  • AC Sources, Low Cost Frequency & Voltage Conversion


  • Solar Panel Testing Chambers Provide 66% in energy savings for consumers
  • Temperature/Humidity Chambers from benchtop to full Walk-in/Drive-in
  • Thermal Shock Air-to-Air and Liquid-to-Liquid Chambers
  • Combined Environmental Chambers - Altitude/Vibration/Temperature/Humidity
  • Remote Conditioners, Stability, Low Temperature Industrial Freezers, and Custom Chambers
  • Start up and capabilities video: View Video

ETS Solutions

  • Vibration Testing Equipment with output force from 440 lbf to 77,000 lbf
  • Slip Tables from 11.8 in square for small shakers to 6.6 ft square for large sized specimen tests
  • Digital Switching Power Amplifiers made for continuous operation to drive low force, medium force and high force shakers
  • ETS Solutions Technical Services, including calibration, rebuild, repair and replacement


  • Synergy Portable. 8 or 16 channel DSO with 2MS/s, 16 bit inputs.
  • Synergy 64. High channel count data acquisition, up to 256 channels
  • Universal signal conditioning inputs for all common sensors.
  • meDAQ for portable data acquisition. 16-512 channels.

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  • Tension and Compression (Push and Pull) Force Testing Solutions Testing up to 50kN
  • Digital Force and Torque Gauges, Indicator and Loadcells
  • Motorized, PC Controlled, Hand Held, Manual and Automated Torque Systems and Software
  • Specific Purpose-Built Test Systems allowing for Specialized Engineering and Fixturing
  • Specialist in Spring, Top Load, Tensile, Wire and Crimp Testing


  • High power, modular DC power sources (including Bi-Polar and Solar Array) from 20kW to several MW
  • Two Quadrant high power, modular bidirectional regenerative DC power sources from 20kW up to several MW
  • High power, modular regenerative DC Electronic Loads from 20kW up to several MW
  • High power, Four Quadrant, modular AC Grid Simulators from 50kVA to 800kVA


  • Advanced Battery Testing Systems for Consumer Electronics and E-Mobility products, with testing capability up to 1000V/1000A
  • Portable Battery Testing Systems for lab researchers and field engineers with testing capability up to 5V/5A
  • Battery State of Health Evaluation Software

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  • MEMS pressure sensors, transducers & transmitters, standard and customized
  • DURASense® Technology - Durability, Reliability and Affordability via proprietary sealing to allow contact with the media being measured
  • Pressure 0-15 through 0-750psi, Temperature -40°C to 125°C, Aluminim, Brass or Stainless Steel, Vacuum, Low Power, High Accuracy


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  • Walk-In Ovens from 45 to 768 cubic feet
  • Conveyer Ovens with maximum temperature to 1200Ā°F
  • Inert Atmosphere Ovens to minimize oxidation of metals
  • Clean Room and Pharmaceuticle Ovens
  • High Temperature Bench, Floor and Pit Furnaces


  • High Precision Non-Contact Position Sensors with Ranges from .002 to 2.5 inches
  • Differential Systems, Extreme Environment and Thread Checker Applications
  • Signal Conditioning Electronics for Linear Displacement Measurement with Resolution of 0.01% FS
  • New digiVIT Micro-Processer based, Ethernet Enabled, Self-tuning Digital Sensor System for Position, Vibration and Proximity Measurement

Pacific Power Source

  • AMX Series High performance Linear AC Power Sources covering 500VA- 12kVA
  • *NEW* Model 3120-ASX High Performance 12kVA AC power Source
  • Programmable AC Power Sources
  • Frequency/Voltage Converters from 500VA to 625kVA
  • AC test Power Systems
  • LabView for Windows VI's and LabWindows Drivers
  • Custom Design & Packaging
  • Windows based VR9500 RevolutionĀ 2 to 128 channel controller
  • Vibration View with applications for Sine, Shock, Random, Sine on Random and many more
  • Electrodynamic shakers from 10lbf up to 500lbf
  • 3 year warranty and excellent customer support
  • New ObserVR Portable Data Acquisition and Analysis Reporter

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