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Adaptive Power Source - Electronic LED Loads

LED1  4 Series Modular DC Loads

Built in PWM Dimming Functions Add Enhanced Test Capability

Testing of advanced LED drivers has never been easier than using Adaptive Power Systems' range of electronic LED load modules for a wide range of voltage and current LED load simulations.  APS' industry leading 41D and 42D modular LED loads eliminate the need to use actual LED strings that are cumbersome to use and take up valuable bench space.  

General Micro Systems - "Mustang"

mustang "Mustang" S402-LC

Industry's First Enterprise-Class "Mobile Battlefield Data Center"

Rugged, Fully Sealed, Intel® Xeon® E5 CPU Server with Removable Drive(s), and Switch

The S402-LC/SW, a fully sealed, low-cost, and small-size rugged conduction-cooled family of servers for harsh military/defense/aerospace environments as well as industrial and commercial platforms. Based on Intel’s highest-performance Xeon® E5 server processor, the self-contained system comprises a server, optional router and multi-port switch plus network attached storage (NAS) that provides extremely high performance and reliability in a fully ruggedized, conduction-cooled system about the size of a 12-inch laptop.


Mecmesin - OmniTest


Introducing the NEW OmniTest Universal Testing Machine    

Available in 5, 10, 15 and 50kN our new OmniTest™UTM with VectroPro™MT Software provides a simple solutions to materials testing at an affordable price.

Building on over 40 years experience in force measurement for product testing, Mecmesin has developed the OmniTest™ UTM with VectorPro™ MT software to perform a range of product & materials testing procedures.

A range of rigid test frames enables the properties of metals, plastics, polymers, alloys, composites, wood, fabrics, glass, laminates and ceramics to be accurately characterised in tension and compression up to 50 kN.

Pacific Power Source - Aviation

PPS logo
Power Compliance Testing of Aviation AC Products...AC Voltage Range Requirements

For AC testing, requirements and test procedures found in Avionics test standards cover the following nominal AC Voltage levels:

200V/115V three phase, 400Hz and variable frequency

115V single phase, 60Hz, 400Hz and variable frequency

400V/230V three phase, 400Hz and variable frequency

26V single phase, 400Hz

Some standards include 235Vac as well but these nominal levels are less common.


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