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What is Cold Chain Testing?

Cold Chain testing refers to a temperature-controlled supply chain for the storage and distribution of products where specific temperatures are required to be maintained. The temperatures required are specific to the product. The controlled temperature can be frozen (typically -5°C to -40°C), refrigerated (2-8°C) or warmer conditions.

Test chambers are used to simulate temperatures that a package may encounter during distribution. Package performance testing is a key aspect of product development. Cold chain testing is performed on a variety of packaged products from food, drug products to DNA tissue samples.


Webbing test

Solutions for Quality in the Fabric & Textiles Sector

With innovations in biomedical and smart textiles, increasing government regulation and consumer expectations of high quality, testing textiles is key in gauging product quality, ensuring regulatory compliance and assessing the performance of fabrics and textiles. For example, adornments such as poppers, sequins and bows on children's clothing have to be tested to ensure that they do not detach and act as a choking hazard to babies and young children.

Pacific Power Source

3150AFX Direct front backlit 96dpi 

New 6kVA 360AFX: The Latest Addition to the AFX Series of Programmable AC, DC and AC+DC Power Sources.

The new 6kVA 360AFX model now extends to lower power applications the significant advantages of this series derived from its proprietary, all-digital power conversion technology. It's a highly innovative design that makes a small and light form factor possible, with 6kVA occupying no more than 4U of rack space.

General Micro Systems

 King Cobra S2U "King Cobra"

GMS Announces Revolutionary Concept in Rugged Server Design: "Total Rack" in only 2U

Radically better design of S2U “King Cobra” 2U short rack server, with 12 patents awarded and pending, replaces up to 15U of equivalent rackmount components

T he S2U “King Cobra” 2U short rack server can replace up to 15U of equivalent server rack functions. This ‘total rack’ server system is made possible by King Cobra’s revolutionary modular and scalable architecture that is a breakthrough in electro-mechanical design. Everything about King Cobra represents a different way of thinking about rackmount server design: each sub-system is optimized for maximum performance, lowest power, highest efficiency thermal profile and modular replacement in the field. Additionally, each subsystem is scalable and upgradable to lower TCO over the installation life.

Starting with the field-removable OpenVPX single-board computer (SBC) motherboard—a mainstay in deployed defense systems—dual 18 core Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v4 CPUs mate with up to 1024GB (1TB) of DD4 DRAM and are supported with a completely PCI Express-based storage subsystem with up to 48TB of NVMe SSDs.

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