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Adaptive Power Systems

Master Slave .
New versions of the 5VP series DC loads, now parallel to 480kW
Test up to 480kW of DC using our new A version 5VP High Power Programmable DC Loads with full MASTER/SLAVE parallel mode.  True parallel operation allows up to eight loads to operate as one.  All controls and measurements are done from the MASTER unit and consolidated current and power measurements are displayed.
Each5VP model can be configured for either stand-alone master or slave mode from the front panel. 5VP DC loads come in a wide range of models from 5kW to 60kW and 60V, 600V or 1000V inout ranges.


8x video inputs for SBCs8 camera feeds on a HDMI monitor as well as streaming a composite video of the 8 camera feeds over the network

Gateworks - Single Board Computers for Embedded Design 

Embedded systems are increasingly using video to monitor and communicate live conditions and allow control of autonomous systems and vehicles. A majority of SBCs offer a single video input but many specialized applications such as security monitoring require more.

Pacific Power Source

Testing PV Micro 

Testing EV Battery Chargers with the PPS AFX Power Source

Companies that design and manufacture on-board AC/DC chargers for Electric (EV) and Hybrid Electric (HEV) vehicles, will find the power rating and ruggedness of the PPS AFX power source series, an ideal candidate.



 Release Torque                                     cork extraction                                      break strength

Testing release

torque of tamper-evident closures

Cork Extraction

Testing break strength of

tamper-evident rings


Solutions for Testing Caps and Closures by Mecmesin

Torque - Tenson - Compression

Caps and closures are integral parts of product packaging, available in many designs including child-resistant, tamper-evident, ROPP, crown, flip-cap, snap-cap, sports, spray and pump dispensers and cork.  The closure is the gateway to the product experience and must be easy to open by the consumer, while at the same time creating a seal that protects the product from leakage and outside contamination.

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