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Adaptive Power Systems

CFS300 Series  CFS 300 Series
AC Power Sources offer DC Mode

If your design and test needs sometimes call for DC output, consider the CFS300 family of AC power sources with DC mode. Housed in a convenient floor standing or rack mounted format, the CFS300 Series of multi-phase AC and DC capable power sources offers excellent features at an economical price point.

Chen Tech BT 1000 Series


BT 1000 Series: Responsive Multi-range Battery Test Equipment

To meet the various requirements adopted in advanced battery research, we developed a multi-range battery test unit: the BT 1000. With the BT 1000, the user’s settings will automatically switch the current range to maintain consistent accuracy. The current setting mechanisms are tailored to material research, to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the testing process.

Hi-Techniques Echelon


DAQ system powerful enough for lab but rugged enough for the field...and the 10 modules that make is so.

CPU Module The CPU is the heart of the Echelon system and provides module control, power management, SSD storage, DIO and CAN channels.

Universal Input Module

Support any sensor type at decimal sample rates up to 1 MS/s or binary rates up to 1.024 MS/s on each of four channels, with up to four models per CPU Module

High Density Input Module – 8 or 16 Channels Eight or sixteen Channels of 100kS/s, 24-bit (SAR) bridge, thermocouple, IEPE or voltage input

Cincinnati Sub-Zero 5 Considerations

 Ind Collage Horizonal 2017 rev3                                                                
5 Important Considerations for Starting a New Testing Project with your CSZ Chamber
The world today continually demands new and innovative solutions to realworld problems. While the products and processes have changed, the need for providing quality products and solutions to your customers has remained as steadfast as ever. We are honored to be able to provide environmental test chambers a part of, not only the research and development process, but also the design verification and validation processes. This insight has granted us a unique viewpoint of the development process and given us the opportunity to share 5 considerations which are critical to any new testing project.

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