Pacific Power Source 112AMX


Delivering Custom Solutions on Time with the 112AMX

Our versatile, microcontroller-based 112AMX linear AC power source can operate as a fully integrated test system for applying a variety of power conditions and transients. It's also an excellent source of stable AC voltage over a frequency range of 20 to 5,000 Hz when using the high-end UPC-12 controller. 

Plus the unit can provide two-phase output for converting one-phase line voltage into precisely controlled split (two-phase) output power.

The 112AMX offers low output voltage noise and distortion, ease of installation and use, high AC waveform fidelity, and advanced control and operational features.

112AMX Features:

  • Applications from manually controlled frequency conversion to harmonic testing and sophisticated programmable transient simulation
  • Single or split-phase selectable output from front panel or bus command
  • Full power bandwidth operation: 5Hz to 50KHz small signal bandwidth, 3dB at 10% of full voltage
  • Precision voltage programming at 0.05% with continuous self-calibration engaged
  • True-RMS metering of volts, amps and power
  • GPIB (IEEE-488.2) or RS-232 interface
  • Waveform library and arbitrary waveform generator
  • Up to 99 programs with associated transients for static and dynamic test applications
  • UPC Studio software suite    

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