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Introducing Gateworks: SBCs for Embedded Design

Gateworks Single Board Computers support all peripherals on the board - no carrier board required - IOT Ready

Gateworks is the leading supplier of Powerful ARM based Single Board Computer solutions for embedded wireless and wired systems using Linux.

Configurable Connectivity - Mini-PCI, Mini-PCIe, GbE, Serial RS232/RS485, CAN Bus,GPIO, I2C, SATA, USB, GPS

Configurable Processor Performance - 300MHz Single Core to 1GHz Quad Core, software scalable and pin compatible

Simple Customization - Feature Optimization, CPU Speed, Flash, DRAM, Peripherals, De-population of Unused Components to Minimize Board Cost

Specialized Embedded Features - RTC, Voltage/Temperature Monitor, GPIO, Tamper Switch, GPS, Advanced Power Management

Comprehensive Software - OpenWrt Linux, OpenEmbedded Linux, Android, Ubuntu, Debian

Made in USA - Responsive Support, Superior Design Assistance, Long Life Availability



Engineering Solutions - West
1754 Technology Drive
Suite 234
San Jose, CA  95110

FAX 408-565-9055