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3150AFX Direct front backlit 96dpi 

New 6kVA 360AFX: The Latest Addition to the AFX Series of Programmable AC, DC and AC+DC Power Sources.

The new 6kVA 360AFX model now extends to lower power applications the significant advantages of this series derived from its proprietary, all-digital power conversion technology. It's a highly innovative design that makes a small and light form factor possible, with 6kVA occupying no more than 4U of rack space.

The 360AFX is well suited for a range of applications such as upgrading legacy power test cabinets without consuming the additional space demanded by conventional AC power sources.FX FEATURES

    • 6kVA/6KW AC, 4.2 kW D
    • Direct coupled output for AC, DC or AC+D
    • Active power corrected AC input
    • Multiple programmable parameter
    • 99 non-volatile setup
    • 15-1200Hz frequency rang
    • Single 300VRMS constant power mode voltage rang
    • Programmable RMS or DC and peak current limit function
    • Compatibility with Pacific Power PPSC Manager control softwar
    • Control via intuitive front panel or external touchscreen

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