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Testing for Buzz, Shake or Rattle?   

New ED Shaker Customized for Low Noise Operation

The new VR5800-BSR Electrodynamic shaker from Vibration Research is customized for low noise operation. Typically used for buzz, shake and rattle testing, sound limit testing, sound recording and anechoic chambers.

The amplifier houses a field and De-Gauss power supply, with a power output of 2,600VA and is made up of three separate interconnected chassis. The flexible modular design allows this amplifier to be configured for use with other shakers, and the control panel can be mounted remotely, if desired.

The control panel features a low noise preamplifier, amplifier output voltage and current metering, adjustable output current limiting and complete interlock circuitry.

System Specifications:

Sine Force

250 F-lb pk

Random Force

175 F-lb rms random

Shock Force

437 F-lb pk shock

Frequency Range

DC to 4500Hz

Max Acceleration

50g pk, bare table
25g pk, 5lb load
5.5g pk, 40lb load

Max Velocity

85ips pk

Max Displacement

Continuous: 1.0 inch pk-pk, bare table
Between stops: 1.2 inch pk-pk, bare table

Power Requirements

7000VA @ 115V or 230VAC 50/60Hz
Consult the factory for low line voltage operation detail

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