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5 Important Considerations for Starting a New Testing Project with your CSZ Chamber
The world today continually demands new and innovative solutions to realworld problems. While the products and processes have changed, the need for providing quality products and solutions to your customers has remained as steadfast as ever. We are honored to be able to provide environmental test chambers a part of, not only the research and development process, but also the design verification and validation processes. This insight has granted us a unique viewpoint of the development process and given us the opportunity to share 5 considerations which are critical to any new testing project.
Material Type: You already know different materials respond to heat and cold differently. But consider how each of those materials will retain the temperature after the chamber switches to the opposite cycle of heating or cooling. If they are good conductors, they will likely absorb and release temperature stresses more quickly. If not, they may need to soak much longer to stabilize at a set point.
Outgassing: Some materials will release flammable gasses when they are subjected to extreme heat. If any of these materials are present in your product and they release gasses into the chamber they could cause a volatile reaction when the gas passes the nichrome heating element used to warm the chamber.
Live-Load: If you have a test requirement that demands that the DUT (device under test) needs to be operational during the testing procedure, you need to consider that when sizing the test chamber. For example, if a DUT creates 10,000 watts of heat under normal operation and your test chamber isn’t sized to accommodate that extra heat, the chamber may not seem to be working as well as it should.
Size the chamber for the future: Buying an environmental test chamber is an investment. Have you done any forecasting of future projects? Are there other testing projects at your facility that will be next in line when the current project is over?
Find an appropriate location where the chamber will be installed: Test chambers have many different requirements. Depending on the type of chamber, the requirements could be vastly different. Is there adequate power available? If the chamber is water cooled, or has a humidity option, does it have access to an acceptable water supply?
When considering all possible variables, you can reduce the time it will take to get your project rolling and get your products to market. And we have the experience and expertise to provide the right solution for your project.


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