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Testing release

torque of tamper-evident closures

Cork Extraction

Testing break strength of

tamper-evident rings


Solutions for Testing Caps and Closures by Mecmesin

Torque - Tenson - Compression

Caps and closures are integral parts of product packaging, available in many designs including child-resistant, tamper-evident, ROPP, crown, flip-cap, snap-cap, sports, spray and pump dispensers and cork.  The closure is the gateway to the product experience and must be easy to open by the consumer, while at the same time creating a seal that protects the product from leakage and outside contamination.

At Mecmesin we design force and torque systems with gripping fixtures for closures of all kinds, so that you can apply industry standard test methods for quality control in both design and routine testing on the production floor.

Whether you need to measure the slip & bridge torque on tamper-evident closures, the actuation force on pump dispensers, the 'push' and 'twist' action used to open CRCs or the extraction force of corks Mecmesin test systems provide the solution. Our affordable range of force and torque measuring instruments & systems can save you money and enhance your brand reputation by ensuring:

    • Consistency of material performanc
    • Products are fit for purpos
    • Defects are identified, minimising rejects and improving production throughou
    • Compliance with industry standards



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