Chen Tech BT 1000 Series


BT 1000 Series: Responsive Multi-range Battery Test Equipment

To meet the various requirements adopted in advanced battery research, we developed a multi-range battery test unit: the BT 1000. With the BT 1000, the user’s settings will automatically switch the current range to maintain consistent accuracy. The current setting mechanisms are tailored to material research, to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the testing process.

  • Automatic switching among four current ranges, maintaining the accuracy at 0.02%.

  • Capable of discharging batteries to -5 volts

  • Flexible program setting methods, such as A, C-rate, mAh/g for current settings.

  • Battery test applications include: battery cycle test, battery life cycle test, battery capacity test, cyclic voltammetry, DCIR measurement for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and wearable devices


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