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"A Better Battery Afterlife in Just 30 seconds" per Bestmag

Chen Tech's SOH Evaluation Technology for used batteries 2nd life application has been praised...

Bestmag, the leading magazine in battery and energy related industries has reported Chen Tech’s breaking development of SOH Evaluation Technology for 2nd life EV batteries:

“Chen Tech, the Taiwan based battery test specialists, has developed a rapid (30 second) state of health (SOH) analyser which means those who want to grow a business out of this market can do so efficiently.


Dr. Anthony Chu, chief technical officer of the company, believes that by 2025, there will be at least 29 GW of used lithium-ion batteries available of which 26 GW could be recovered for secondary use. And 70% will have the potential to ‘live on’ on for another 10 years in a less demanding role.

CTE’s method of records releasable capacity, internal impedance, self-discharge condition temperature rise during charging/discharging, ability to accept charge, number of charge-discharge cycles and fits this data to a model of the battery’s expected life cycle.Chou believes the accuracy of the method is better than +/-8%. And compared to simple open circuit voltage testing of used cells, the evaluation method can improve second life in a pack by 83%.”

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