MECMESIN Calibration Reminder

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Annual Calibration Reminder

Have you had your Mecmesom equipment calibrated?

As a general rule, Mecmesin recommends a yearly calibration of your force or torque measurement equipment to ensure accurate readings and proper operation.


When sent to our facility for calibration,our highly trained and skilled technicians will inspect your equipment to ensure optimal performance and proper operation. If repairs are necessary notifications will be provided and approval received prior to any repairs being made.

As part of each calibration procedure your equipment will be:

  • Throughly inspected for proper operation by a traind technican
  • Checked for overloads
  • Checked for off-set
  • Recalibrated in our climate controlled lab by highly trained technicians to NIST traceable standards
  • NIST traceable Certificates of Calibration are issues upon successful calibration of your equipment.

Please note, calibrations performed on-site by 3rd part providers not associated with Mecmesin are considered verifications, not calibrations. A Certificate of Verification is normally provided under these circumstances and these are not the same as a NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration.

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