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Solutions for Quality in the Fabric & Textiles Sector

With innovations in biomedical and smart textiles, increasing government regulation and consumer expectations of high quality, testing textiles is key in gauging product quality, ensuring regulatory compliance and assessing the performance of fabrics and textiles. For example, adornments such as poppers, sequins and bows on children's clothing have to be tested to ensure that they do not detach and act as a choking hazard to babies and young children.

Whether applying a Test-to-failure (TTF) test to a fabric adornment such as a button or diamante; testing the tensile strength of yarns; the strength of zippers or the tear resistance of woven fabrics Mecmesin test systems provide the solution. Our affordable range of force and torque measuring instruments & systems can save you money and enhance your brand reputation by ensuring:

    • Consistency of material performanc
    • Products are fit for purpos
    • Defects are identified, minimising rejects and improving production throughpu
    • Compliance with industry standards

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