Adaptive Power Systems

Master Slave .
New versions of the 5VP series DC loads, now parallel to 480kW
Test up to 480kW of DC using our new A version 5VP High Power Programmable DC Loads with full MASTER/SLAVE parallel mode.  True parallel operation allows up to eight loads to operate as one.  All controls and measurements are done from the MASTER unit and consolidated current and power measurements are displayed.
Each5VP model can be configured for either stand-alone master or slave mode from the front panel. 5VP DC loads come in a wide range of models from 5kW to 60kW and 60V, 600V or 1000V inout ranges.

If your power needs are more modest, the APS 5 Series DC loads may be more appropriate. These units are similar in feature sets to the 5VP Series but with power levels starting at 600W.

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