GMS Rugged Mobile Data Centers

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Secure Systems and Servers for Mobile Data Centers
The high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) trend has migrated from purpose-built expensive VME/VPX-style, ATR-type chassis into these small-form-factor mobile data centers

These rugged systems, in rackmount and condution-cooled versions, are, at their core, processing servers based upon one or more Intel Xeon E5 or Xeon D server-class CPUs. They run heavyweight applications like data mining, image recognition, or any manner of algorithm processing. With multi-port 1 Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches, they also virtualize CPUs and I/O for use with attached clients.

GMS is shipping air-cooled and conduction-cooled rugged mobile computer systems with more than 20 Ethernet ports and running at least that many virtual machines. Company engineers can add one, two, four, or more commerical off-the-shelf (COTS) PCI Express general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU), field-programmable gate array (FPGA), or switched mezzanine card/FPGA mezzanine card (XMC/FMC) co-processing modules for deep learning, data mining, search and rescue, sonar, software-defined radio, and all manner of algorithm co-processing to supplement the main Intel Xeon processors.

For example, the company's S2U server can accommodate two Nvida Titan V GPGPUs, each capable of 110 teraflops (TFLOPS) or 110 trillion floating-point operations per second.


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