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CTE Batter Test Cycle Look for Chen Tech at the 17th Adv'd Auto Battery Conf 6/19-22 in S.F.
Chen Tech's Newest Addition - The MCE A Series, EV Battery Cell Production System
The MCE A Series Completes Battery Testing throughout the Electric Vehicle Life Cycle
The Eco Series: MCE A Series, with it’s High Efficiency Discharge Energy Recycling, recycles discharged energy, and supplies it to other electric energy consumption systems in the factory, such as lighting and HVAC systems. This significantly cuts EV battery production cost, reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and improves thermal comfort around the equipment.
Additionally, the high efficiency energy recycling technology has significantly reduced demands on the heat sink in the MCE A Series. This allows for the volume of the equipment to be reduced by up to 50%, over other battery cell production systems, and allowing for integration into automated production lines.


Chen Tech Electric will exhibit in the 17th Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC)  June 19-22 in San Francisco and display the EV Battery Test Total Solution. Through the whole EV battery life cycle, Chen Tech equipment keeps track of battery performance and health status.

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