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RapXG Quad Channel Network Record Playback System 728x509  RapXG Quad Channel Network Record Playback System 728x509

New Addition to ES-West Board & System Products: New Wave DV FPGA Cards

The New Wave Design and Verification team is made up of passionate engineers who have extensive experience designing, building, testing, and delivering electronic systems. By providing off-the-shelf solutions and custom engineering resources, New Wave DV confidently serves you to meet your cost, schedule, and technical requirements. Our products and expertise are focused on your high bandwidth, ultra low latency, and specialized networking applications in aerospace, finance, telecommunications, and big data.

The New Wave DV line of FPGA cards can bring your product to life quickly and efficiently while allowing it to adapt over time. These cards provide state-of-the-art FPGAs, memory structures, and interface performance for application deployment. Our cards also come with a hardware/software development framework for quick deployment of your application. 

PMC/XMC, PCI Express Cards
Ethernet, Fibre Channel IP Cores
Programmable Network Interface Cards, Real-Time Data Streaming, Avionics Interfaces, Network Appliance Capture, Record and Playback

New Wave DV is part of the New Wave Group, a leader in international electronics sourcing, design, verification, and service for the commercial, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and high-reliability markets since 2005.

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